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Paul Tripp (Actor)
(02-20-1911 - 08-29-2002) Age 91
Paul Tripp's first ambition was to act and sing in Grand Opera.

Date Episode Title Plot
1974-08-13 0132 Frontiers of Fear (The) A defeated man buys an ancient typewriter from a pawn shop. The typewriter reveals itself to be like the Goose that lays...
1977-01-11 0581 Passing of Black Eagle (The)
As a drunk, he is an easy going beggar, but when he is not drinking, he is the criminal known as "Black Eagle" --...
1977-01-26 0591 White Wolf (The)
A family living at the heart of a remote wilderness is haunted and plagued by a stalking werewolf. Despite the mystery...
1981-05-22 1201 Headhunters (The) In the future: Erna Stearns, a reactionary still chooses natural food and believes in normal relationships despite living in...

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