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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1979-01-01 0938 Complete Recovery

As a result of grievous injuries, a hit and run victim develops several unusual phobias as she... 3.3
1979-01-04 0939 Look (The)

In order to further himself as a potential president-elect, a senator uses a sub-committee on... 3.1
1979-01-08 0940 Nefertiti (1 of 5) - The Vulture Screams

Prince Ahkenatan is set to wed the daughter of the Prime Minister, Nefertiti, who loathes the... 3.3
1979-01-09 0941 Nefertiti (2 of 5) - To Kill a Pharoah

The plot to over Akhenatan crumbles and as she learns more about the man she has wed,... 3.3
1979-01-10 0942 Nefertiti (3 of 5) - The Cobra Strikes

Their new religion progresses in Amarna, the City of Truth. Their burgeoning love bears fruit... 3.2
1979-01-11 0943 Nefertiti (4 of 5) - The Head with One Eye

With a war hanging over their head, Akhenatan plays the pacifist even as he strengthens his... 3.3
1979-01-12 0944 Nefertiti (5 of 5) - The Curse of the Scarab

Nefertiti arranges a traditional ceremony invoking all the gods to witness her daughter's... 3.3
1979-01-15 0945 Long, Long Sleep (The)

When his doctor informs him that he needs open heart surgery to prolong his life, a man... 3.2
1979-01-17 0946 Wandering Wind (The)

After moving into their new home, a husband makes an attempt to remedy the dilapidated state... 3.1
1979-01-19 0947 Side Effects

When a scientist stumbles upon their new drug's lethal side effects, he tells the company's... 3.4
1979-01-22 0948 Let the Buyer Beware

At an estate sale, Marcie picks up an antique table and discovers a secret drawer that... 3.1
1979-01-24 0949 Burning Bough (The)

A woman is convinced that her son's life is tied to the existence of single tree bough in this... 3.2
1979-01-26 0950 Dominant Personality (The)

After their wedding, a city waitress moves to the wilderness to live with her loner husband. A... 3.4
1979-02-05 0951 Love After Death

For the past thirty years, a gifted but terminally ill concert pianist has searched for her... 3.3
1979-02-07 0952 Everybody Does It

In order to augment his income, a hard-up drama critic turns to a life of crime. When he is... 2.8
1979-02-12 0953 Sinister Shadow (The)

An unusual tale of how a timid woman chanced upon her doppelganger in a seedy bar, and how her... 3
1979-02-14 0954 Missing Day (The)

When he cannot account for a period in his life, the manager of a nuclear research facility... 3
1979-02-19 0955 Shock of His Life (The)

A gambling addict receives the power to predict the outcome of sporting events when he is... 3.1
1979-02-21 0956 Great Brain (The)

A high stakes gamble takes place when a certified genius wagers with a friend and a prison... 3.1
1979-02-26 0957 Hickory, Dickory, Doom

A grandfather clock is the central piece in this gruesome and morbid tale. A young couple from... 3.2
1979-02-28 0958 Shadows from the Grave

A photographer and his wife move into his uncle's house upon his death. When the local priest... 3.1
1979-03-05 0959 Fall of Gentryville (The)

When an entire mountain town vanishes from a map, a reporter is dispatched to uncover the... 3.2
1979-03-07 0960 Watcher of the Living

A high school principal and teacher are sent to an alternate world during a failed lab... 3.5
1979-03-12 0961 All the Time in the World

A professional swindler experiencing a losing streak believes he has unraveled the mystery of... 3
1979-03-14 0962 Love God (The)

A spirited and opinionated woman alienates her intended with her brash and outspoken ways so... 2.9
1979-03-19 0963 Unseen Watcher (The)

A gambler dreams up a desperate scheme to "off" his bookie in order to escape his huge debts.... 3.3
1979-03-21 0964 Masks

When a retired Hollywood producer is relieved of a precious cigarette case during a train... 3.3
1979-03-26 0965 Enemy from Space

In an attempt to start a nuclear war, alien beings kidnap the president and send back a double... 2.8
1979-03-28 0966 Waste Paper

During an investigation into the brutal killing of a cleaning woman in a commercial complex, a... 3.2
1979-04-02 0967 Voyage of Instrastar

The dream world has given a grieving psychologist a chance to reunite with his deceased wife.... 3.5
1979-04-04 0968 Believers (The)

When a nosy neighbor becomes curious about the strange incidents that go on at the house next... 3.2
1979-04-09 0969 Permanent Man (The)

A scientist performs heinous experiments on a human subject on the planet Neptune with... 3.4
1979-04-11 0970 Charnel House (The)

To discover the truth about her father's death, a young woman becomes a staff member in the... 3.1
1979-04-16 0971 Ring of Evil

When a young woman is witness to a murder, the only detail she can recall is that the killer... 3.1
1979-04-18 0972 Golden Girl (The)

With orders to assassinate a pseudo-political and religious leader, a woman from another... 3.2
1979-04-23 0973 Glass Bubble (The)

Believing it gives her the power to foresee death, a young woman isolates herself in a sterile... 3.1
1979-04-25 0974 Letter of Love, Letter of Death

A police detective puts his career on the line in order to prove the innocence of the rival of... 2.9
1979-04-30 0975 War of Angels

The story of the life of a ruthless business woman is recounted when Lucifer and the... 3
1979-05-02 0976 Fabulous Pillow (The)

A man is revisited by a strange dream when he loses consciousness during a car crash. In the... 3.5
1979-05-07 0977 Search for Eden

After surviving an avalanche, a mountain climbing guide finds himself in a strange village... 2.9
1979-05-09 0978 Hole in the Sky (The)

Forced to take on a job smuggling contraband, an ace pilot must take a short-cut through a... 3.2
1979-05-14 0979 Virtue Is Its Own Reward

In a battle to win the soul of a real estate investor, an angel and demon take on earthly... 2.9
1979-05-16 0980 Messenger from Yesterday

After a college professor purchases a life-size statue of a pharaoh as a birthday present for... 3.3
1979-05-21 0981 Help Wanted

A series of serial killings of lonely old women piques the interest of a police detective... 3.2
1979-05-23 0982 Dreams

A gambler abuses his wife's unusual ability in predicting outcomes to help him win in his... 3.2
1979-05-28 0983 Outsider (The)

After missing his train stop, a man finds himself in a cursed town stuck in 1949; and the... 3.6
1979-05-30 0984 Curious Experience (A)

To save himself from punishment, a young soldier enlisted in Union Army names his... 3.8
1979-06-04 0985 Willy and Dilly

A clueless broker falls in love with the very woman who has set out to bamboozle him and... 3.3
1979-06-06 0986 Pardon (The)

After accidentally causing his mother-in-law's demise, a man is incarcerated for involuntary... 3.1
1979-06-11 0987 Look Who's Coming

When a paranoid wife claims that the television series she watches about an alien threat of... 3.6
1979-06-13 0988 Copenhagen Connection (The)

Hot on the trail of a fraudulent insurance claim to Mexico and Europe, a police investigator... 3.1
1979-06-18 0989 Unquiet Tomb (The)

A remote island is home to an old ship captain and his assistant. Their peace is disturbed... 3.7
1979-06-20 0990 Spaces on the Wall (The)

An art broker hires a private investigator to look into the case of an associate that fell... 3.4
1979-06-25 0991 Mission From Zython

When an unidentified flying object makes a sudden landing in a field nearby a military base; a... 2.9
1979-06-27 0992 Giuseppe Verdi Autobus (The)

While on vacation in Italy, a widow falls for a vacationing widower from L.A. Problems arise... 3.9
1979-07-02 0993 Rivalry (The)

The murder of a lounge singer with international connections becomes the main case of a... 3.4
1979-07-04 0994 Great White Shark (The)

An arrogant millionaire takes his wife on a charter boat and the ship's captain is enthralled... 3
1979-07-09 0995 Smile at a Homely Girl

Marriage to a paranoid and possessive shrew makes life hell for a local businessman. When the... 3.4
1979-07-11 0996 Fools (The)

After the death of his father, a young man is forced into a life of crime to survive in... 3.6
1979-07-16 0997 House of the Dead Heart (The)

In order to view a supposed secret masterpiece painted by the great Leonardo Da Vinci, a... 3
1979-07-18 0998 Case of the Forced Divorce (The)

In a battle for the custody of their young son, a British woman enlists the aid of a gentleman... 3.4
1979-07-23 0999 No Man's Land

In a small French village, two American soldiers are captured and sentenced to death for their... 3.6
1979-07-25 1000 Catch a Falling Star

Out of charity, residents of a small town bring their needlework requirements to a crazed... 3.8
1979-07-30 1001 Relax and Enjoy It

An anti-capitalist Latvian faction kidnaps a wealthy businessman in order to gain $10 million... 3.7
1979-08-01 1002 Goddess Caper (The)

While traveling in Europe, Twain encounters a woman who implores the famous author to assist... 3.8
1979-08-13 1003 Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

A woman comes to a psychiatrist complaining of unexplained anxiety and sickness. Under... 3
1979-08-15 1004 Body and Soul

An out of body experience after she slips into a coma reveals the vision of her estranged... 3.2
1979-08-20 1005 Taboo Means Death

Several years after they parted ways, a pilot still keeps in touch with an old college flame.... 3.7
1979-08-22 1006 Stranger from Nowhere

When he chances upon a woman claiming to be his long lost wife, a scientist begins to doubt... 3.9
1979-08-27 1007 Cup of Bitter Chocolate (A)

In this battle of wits, a loyal butler pits himself against a good-for-nothing son whose... 3.1
1979-08-29 1008 Ninety Lives

Suspicious of his motives, a brother does a background check on a supposed amnesia victim that... 3.2
1979-09-03 1009 Tomorrow Will Never Come

The resident's of an old building band together to help their old elevator operator keep his... 3.8
1979-09-05 1010 Man in the Black Cap (The)

Upon retiring to a country manor, a normally docile husband develops a split personality after... 3.6
1979-09-10 1011 Odyssey Of Laura Collins (The)

After undergoing hypnotism to cure her severe melancholia, a woman suddenly falls into a coma... 3.8
1979-09-12 1012 Two Sams (The)

After starting their own private firm, an ex-cop and lawyer take on the kidnapping of the... 3.7
1979-09-17 1013 Guillotine (The)

A young medical student meets the love of his life as while waiting out the war. His naive... 3.2
1979-09-19 1014 You're Better Off Guilty

When the body of a renowned actress is discovered by a plain and unexceptional stock broker,... 3.5
1979-09-24 1015 Gettysburg Address (The)

Clues to the location of a famous Civil War treasure are tucked away into a pair of paintings.... 3.1
1979-09-26 1016 Eighth Day (The)

On his death bed, an old man promises to return from the grave should his good for nothing... 3.6
1979-10-01 1017 Beast (The)

The sheriff and a local boy investigate the death of his father involved in a brutal... 3.4
1979-10-03 1018 Finger of God (The)

In this western drama, a young woman is betrothed to a wealthy old man while her lover tries... 3.6
1979-10-08 1019 Wilhelmina Wilson

When a young Olympic swimmer suddenly disappears while visiting the 3.8
1979-10-10 1020 At the End of the Passage

After finally succumbing to the humidity in India, a British military officer begins to abuse... 3.3
1979-10-15 1021 Out of the Mist

While touring the countryside and admiring the wildflowers, a man chances upon a young girl... 3.8
1979-10-17 1022 Jerry, the Convincer

Sucked into a drug smuggling business by a friend, a law-abiding citizen quickly succumbs to... 3.1
1979-10-22 1023 Sheer Terror

A police officer must solve the biggest case of his life- the disappearance of his wife who... 3.6
1979-10-24 1024 Dangerous Memory

Weighed down by the guilt of imagined misdeeds, a Vietnam veteran is urged to seek the counsel... 4
1979-10-29 1025 Alien Guest (The)

A greedy aristocrat is plagued by the spirit of the deceased cousin whom he murdered in order... 3.6
1979-10-31 1026 Who Has Seen the Wind?

In a freak accident, a claustrophobic woman is trapped in her home. Help comes in the form of... 3.6
1979-11-05 1027 Terrorist (The)

Taken hostage in her own home by a pair of Muslim terrorists, an elderly authoress, her niece,... 3.5
1979-11-07 1028 Davey Jerrold's Jacket

A local scam artist attempts to swindle a young woman of her legacy. She tries to stake her... 4.2
1979-11-12 1029 House without Mirrors

A concerned friend looks into the irrational fear of his compatriot who has an unusual... 4.3
1979-11-14 1030 Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand Dollar Error (The)

A bank president discovers that a glitch in their system erroneously transferred the sum of... 3.2
1979-11-19 1031 God That Failed (The)

On the way home after visiting a third world country on a diplomatic mission, a U.S. senator... 4
1979-11-21 1032 By Word of Mouth

The princess of a primitive Indian tribe becomes an outcast when she is treated by a young... 3.8
1979-11-26 1033 Strange New Tomorrow

After the second Hundred Years War, a scientist and his wife are ordered by a covert agency to... 3.8
1979-11-28 1034 Philosopher's Stone (The)

A soft-hearted banker gives in and accepts a so-called "philosopher's stone" as collateral... 4.3
1979-12-03 1035 Specter Bridegroom (The)

The spirit of a bridegroom pays regular visits to his widowed bride after he perishes on their... 4.2
1979-12-05 1036 Appointment at Sarajevo

The sordid past of Archduke Ferdinand and 1914 attempt on his life are narrated by a doctor in... 3.5
1979-12-10 1037 If a Body

The local sheriff becomes suspicious when a widow becomes the recipient of a huge inheritance... 3.1
1979-12-12 1038 Movie Makers (The)

A man is driven to suicide after obsessively watching several video recordings of his whole... 3.6
1979-12-17 1039 Beyond Belief

The owners of a small coffee shop take pity on an amnesiac young woman roaming the streets of... 3.1
1979-12-19 1040 Shadow of a Lover

An actor playing the role of a police detective in a drama series finds himself sucked into... 3
1979-12-25 1041 Death is a Woman

A trio of friends are invited to the seaside residence of another of their comrades, and he... 3.5
1979-12-27 1042 Between These Worlds

When a reconnaissance mission to assess the Earth's viability as a potential conquest, an... 3.8
1979-12-31 1043 Thousand Pound Gorilla (The)

A husband begins to have paranoid episodes in which he believes that his wife is out to kill... 3.7
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